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Red Hat OPEN enables partners around the world to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Available anytime, anywhere through the Red Hat Partner Portal, Red Hat OPEN provides access to the tools, training, support, and resources needed to advance your business.


With OPEN training you will be able to:

  • Understand the features and functionality of Red Hat technology
  • Implement Red Hat technology in the customers’ environments
  • Demonstrate and convey the use and value of offerings to customers
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Through the Red Hat OPEN program we've met the ramp up demands of our customers in Red Hat technologies as well as improved the efficiencies of our existing team.

Smitha M.V. | competency head – open source practice, Wipro Ltd



Red Hat Online Partner Enablement Network (OPEN) gives Red Hat partners the tools they need to build skills that can generate more product and services sales while enhancing customer satisfaction. This program has three main components:

  • Red Hat OPEN training that results in accreditations
  • Online technical library
  • Red Hat Product Demo System

All active Red Hat partners have access to Red Hat OPEN. All types of partners can access e-Learning courses and the technical library. Advanced and Premier Partners, as well as Red Hat Alliance Partners, have additional access to eLab courses and the Red Hat Product Demo System. Red Hat Ready Partners interested in access to eLabs and online lab courses may do so by exception. Contact your account manager for more details.

Red Hat OPEN helps partners better understand customer needs, which leads to more effective customer service and increased sales. Benefits include:

  • Access to up-to-date product and solution information to help customers make sound technology decisions.
  • Practice for employees who need to become proficient with product demonstrations, which can improve overall customer confidence and satisfaction.

Accreditations inspire greater customer confidence while qualifying partners for increased margins and other benefits.

Red Hat OPEN offers in-depth training that can be accessed online, from anywhere, for partners worldwide. Training is role-based with specific capability outcomes for sales, sales engineer, and delivery roles. The goal is to ensure a skill-based outcome that sets up partners for success. In addition, these prescriptive specialization tracks lead to both partner-level accreditation and partner employee accreditation.

Red Hat OPEN courses are one of the benefits offered to Red Hat partners at no cost within the partner program. Depending on the partner's region, additional business and technical requirements may still be required as part of the partner program. Contact your partner account managers for more information.

There are two types of Red Hat OPEN training courses offered online:

  • e-Learning training (ELT): Self-paced courses with no personal instruction from Red Hat.
  • e-Learning + labs (eLab): Hands-on labs and forums, assisted and assessed by instructors, with set schedules to accommodate hands-on labs.

Available by request are virtual training (VT) sessions and instructor-led training (ILT). Contact your account manager if a special session is needed for your company.

Red Hat OPEN Advanced Training consists of optional courses focused on specialized solution areas such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux® for SAP HANA®, data virtualization, and Red Hat CloudForms customization and automation. Note: These courses will not qualify for partner-level promotions.

FASTRAX eLab courses are focused on enabling sales engineers demonstrate a solution to their customer. Implementation eLabs train delivery engineers to plan and install a solution. The courses are designed to build knowledge as you learn, making the FASTRAX eLab a prerequisite for those interested in taking the implementation course.

Red Hat OPEN offers a robust online technical library to help partners find useful information independently and quickly. Managed by Red Hat solution architects, the library provides partners access to the same content that Red Hat experts have, from product basics to advanced technologies and solutions. This technical library features an extensive database of presentations, collateral, reference architectures, use cases, whitepapers, and more.

With Red Hat Product Demo System, partners can observe online product demonstrations and practice how to perform the demos to become more proficient presenting Red Hat technology to customers. These valuable demo sessions are created by Red Hat solution architects and Red Hat Partner enablement engineers. Partners can use the demos as standalone learning exercises, or in conjunction with Red Hat OPEN training courses.

Students are given an online, multiple-choice assessment for all Red Hat OPEN training courses. The number of questions vary depending on the length and depth of the course material. Completion of the course requires passing the assessment. Students have 3 attempts to pass the assessment before they are required to retake the course.

Red Hat Partner Accreditation

There are two types of accreditations: Partner-level accreditation and role-based accreditation.


There are three specializations for this type of accreditation:

  • Red Hat Accredited Middleware Solutions Partner
  • Red Hat Accredited Datacenter Infrastructure Partner
  • Red Hat Accredited Cloud Infrastructure Partner

These accreditations are available to all Red Hat partners. There are additional achievement requirements, one of which is having a certain number of employees that have completed the respective accreditations. Contact your local account manager for more details.


There are four specializations for this type of accreditation:

  • Red Hat Accredited Sales Specialist
  • Red Hat Accredited Sales Engineer Specialist
  • Red Hat Accredited Delivery Specialist
  • Red Hat Accredited Advance Delivery Specialist

These are for partner employees who complete the prescribed skills track curriculum, including online assessments.

The OPEN course catalog is available in PDF format and includes a complete list of what you will need for each accreditation—search for “Catalog” in the “Content” tab in Red Hat Connect for Business Partners. The Red Hat OPEN program has an extensive roadmap of new courses as well as courses updated to reflect current Red Hat product offerings.

Red Hat OPEN will release new courses on the second (2nd) Friday of the month at 5 p.m., US Eastern / New York (GMT-5). See the Red Hat OPEN program course catalog in Red Hat Connect.

The Red Hat OPEN skills tracks are for partner employees in sales, sales engineer, and delivery roles.

The Middleware Solutions specialization has skills tracks in:

  • Middleware application development*
  • Middleware integration service
  • Middleware migration
  • Middleware business process automation
  • Middleware Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) development

The Datacenter Infrastructure specialization has skills tracks in:

  • Platform*
  • Platform migration
  • Virtualization
  • Storage

The Cloud Infrastructure specialization has skills tracks in:

  • Cloud management*
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)*
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)*

* Base tracks for Advanced Business Partner tier. Completing any one of the skills tracks for the Cloud Infrastructure specialization qualifies as the base track.

You must be an employee of a Red Hat partner with active membership in Red Hat's Partner Program. Successful completion of Red Hat OPEN skills track and assessment will grant you recognition as a Red Hat Accredited Specialist. We encourage partner employees to earn accreditations in multiple tracks.

Red Hat accreditations are valid for 2 years from attainment. If a course in which a partner is accredited is updated (e.g., a course that was based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is updated based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7) and the partner re-takes the course, they will be accredited for 2 years from the completion date of the updated course.

Red Hat OPEN training and accreditation is offered only to active Red Hat partners. Companies can earn Red Hat partner accreditations by maintaining a designated number of accredited partner specialists. Individual employees can become accredited Red Hat partner specialists with the successful completion of any role-based curriculum track.

In some cases, your Red Hat certification will grant you completion for certain Red Hat OPEN training courses and assessments. Partner employees are required to update their Red Hat certifications in Red Hat Connect for Business Partners and notify

To log an instance of Red Hat certification:

  • Log in to Red Hat Connect for Business Partners.
  • Select “Manage Technical Accreditations” from within the “Partner Toolbox.”
  • Select “Add New Accreditation” to register a new or updated accomplishment, or “Delete” to remove any expired certifications.

Send the Red Hat certification number and the Red Hat OPEN track you are interested in to Once your Red Hat certification is validated as current, the Red Hat OPEN team will confirm your waiver.

Once the requirements for accreditation are met, a partner employee will receive a certificate of achievement. In addition, they will be able to access the corresponding accreditation logo that can be used on a business card, website, etc. This allows partner employees and partners to promote their skills, depth of knowledge, and expertise.

Diplomas are only issued once the requirements for accreditation are met. Individual course completion diplomas are not provided except for advanced training courses.

To view and print your accreditations at any time:

  • Log in to and use the “Training” tab to go to Red Hat OPEN.
  • Select “Get Trained.”
  • From the Red Hat OPEN home page, select “My Transcript.”
  • From the “Training Transcript” page, select an accreditation.
  • Select “Attempt History.”
  • Select the icon to view your accreditation.
  • To print the accreditation, select “Print.”
  • To share your accreditation, select “Export to PDF.”

Accessing Content

All Red Hat OPEN content is available in Red Hat Connect for Business Partners. Log in at and navigate to the “Training” tab.

Registration for Red Hat OPEN training is available via Red Hat Connect. For detailed instructions on registration and how to begin courses once you have registered, download the Red Hat OPEN training Learning Reference Guide by:

  • Logging in to
  • Navigating to the “Training” tab, and selecting the quick link: “How to access and register for Red Hat OPEN partner training.”

Red Hat OPEN eLab welcome letters are emailed from and are occasionally filtered into a spam (or junk) folder. If you haven't received the email, check this folder. If your email is still missing, contact

Red Hat Connect for Business Partners is an online portal exclusively for Red Hat partners. It provides partners with access to Red Hat OPEN resources, such as the sales and marketing library and a deal registration page.

Red Hat Connect for Business Partners is password-protected and located at

Visit the “New to Red Hat Connect for Business Partners” section to enroll. Requests for enrollment will be responded to within 2 business days.

If you have questions contact your Red Hat regional help desk:

A link to the Red Hat online technical library is located on the Red Hat Connect for Business Partners homepage under the “Resources” tab.

Partners can access Red Hat Product Demo System through Red Hat Connect for Business Partners under the “Resources” tab. For detailed instructions on how to use Red Hat Product Demo System, download the Red Hat Product Demo System User Guide from Red Hat Connect.

Partners can check these resources for new and updated Red Hat OPEN training courses: Their region's partner newsletter, their Red Hat Connect dashboard, or by checking the Red Hat OPEN course catlaog in Red Hat Connect.

To access a course that you've already completed:

  • Log in to and select the “Training” tab to be taken to Red Hat OPEN.
  • From the Red Hat OPEN homepage, select the “Learn” tab and then select “Training Schedule.”
  • Select “Completed Registrations” from the “View” list.
  • Select “Start” to access the course that you've already completed.
  • Select “Start” again to view the course.

Red Hat OPEN training is included in the Red Hat partner program. The pay button appears, because you are using an unsupported browser. Download the “Red Hat OPEN Learning Management System (LMS) Supported Browsers” document for more information:

  • Log in to
  • Navigate to the technical library and select the document, “Red Hat OPEN - Learning Management System Supported Browsers.”

The learning management system takes 10-15 minutes to update your course status from “In-progress” to “Attended.” Assessments will be available once the update occurs. If your assessment is still not available, contact

If you've passed an assessment, but your status hasn't been updated from “In-progress” to “Attended”:

  • Log in to
  • Open your assessment, but do not retake the assessment.
  • Leave the assessment window open for 30 seconds.
  • Select “Power” to close the assessment.

If your assessment status has not been updated after these steps, contact


There is a setting you can change in IE to stop these alerts:

  • Go to “Internet Explorer” > “Internet Options” > “Security” > “Custom level” > “Settings.”
  • Find “Display mixed content,” and then select “Enable.”
  • Select “Apply/OK/Exit.”
  • Restart Internet Explorer.

Running Internet Explorer in “Compatibility View” may help. Turn on Internet Explorer Compatibility View and add the base URL for your Red Hat OPEN access to your Compatibility View settings.

Red Hat partner enablement training is limited to online, self-paced delivery through Red Hat Connect for Business Partners to accommodate busy schedules. However, on-site, instructor-led sessions are available in some cases. Contact your partner account manager with requests for in-person team training.

There is an integration issue prohibiting eLab completions from updating in your transcript. This is due to be corrected in late 2016.

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