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Solution providers

Established technology

Open source technologies are mature and proven in the enterprise. For all your customer business challenges, Red Hat offers the full stack of available products.

Customer demand

Whether for the datacenter, cloud or big data, customers are looking for reliable, flexible and cost effective solutions. Red Hat has a proven track record of answering customer demand.

Profitable growth

Partners are the engine of growth for Red Hat. We invest in our partnership to succeed and build our collective future.

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Solution provider program guides

Corporate resellers

Accelerate sales

Achieve greater volumes with the Red Hat portfolio, to deliver an extensive offering of open source solutions to your end customers.

Competitive edge

Take advantage of an extensive array of product, sales, marketing, and technical tools to support your organization in penetrating new markets and expanding your footprint in hardware and software sales.

Trusted advisor

Help your customers choose the right solution for their needs by sharing your expertise of open source models, technology innovations, and industry approaches.

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Exponential growth

We invest in our partners and their businesses in order to grow our collective success. Close to 70% of Red Hat's business is driven through our partner ecosystem, which translates into steady return on your investment.

Business success

Growing and developing your market share has never been easier. Take advantage of not only a full range of solutions and support offerings to address your customers' needs, but also specific program benefits like order management, rebates, and renewals.

Trusted portfolio

Both you and your customers can rely on the latest Red Hat technology, delivered with the expertise of the industry's leading open source provider. In addition, gain access to one of the largest technology certification ecosystems in the world to ensure top performance for all your business-critical applications.

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Cloud & Service Providers

Flexible model

The Red Hat Certified Cloud & Service Provider program provides flexibility in both technology and benefits to eliminate expensive barriers to cloud development by providing subscription models built specifically for hosting and cloud environments.

Built for success

Qualified cloud providers can offer Cloud Access, an unique offering that brings Red Hat product subscriptions to the cloud through an innovative licensing model and drives easy adoption for existing Red Hat customers.

Trusted solutions

By using Red Hat, your customers can run the same certified applications on either a public or private cloud or both, making application development, deployment, and management consistent across their entire infrastructure.

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Systems integrators

Enterprise credibility

As the world's most trusted provider of Linux® and open source technologies, Red Hat supports bringing your customers' open source strategies into production.

Training and accreditation

Red Hat offers a comprehensive suite of live and online training courses to empower consultants and architects with the knowledge and industry-recognized accreditations to build and implement open solutions.

Succeeding together

Leading global systems integrators and regional/specialized integrators have successfully partnered with Red Hat to exceed their customers' expectations, with Red Hat-powered, industry-specific solutions and infrastructure implementations.

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Training partners

Opportunities for success

As Red Hat grows, the number of trained professionals to administer our products grows, making now a great opportunity to resell our training offerings.

Red Hat Training

Red Hat delivers one of the most comprehensive curricula offered in today’s marketplace. Unlike most vendors, we orient our training and certifications around real-world job roles and tasks.

Red Hat Certification

Red Hat’s performance-based certifications are among the most highly regarded in the IT industry. This success stems from a solid track record of benchmarking and hands-on skills assessment.


Independent software vendors

Business growth

Team with an industry leader who can help build your business with customer-driven technologies, while helping you expand into new markets. Choose the go-to-market strategy that best meets your specific business model and market execution plans.

Market success

Our programs help you promote your solutions so you can generate more leads and drive sales. We offer training and support resources to help you enhance your products, plan your business, and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer value

Red Hat offers flexible integration and distribution options. By adopting Red Hat products as part of your application stack, you can reduce your customers’ costs for proprietary operating system, middleware, and other solution components.

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Established technology

Red Hat technologies layer on top of the platform to provide messaging, data services, and storage solutions that are certified to work together and supported by the industry leader in enterprise-class support services. Red Hat is the only open source technology company that provides an end-to-end solution for intelligent systems—from the embedded device to the datacenter to the cloud—all using a common architecture.

Trusted partnership

Through the Red Hat Embedded Program, you benefit from a stable partnership that offers individualized business terms, flexible distribution rights, and partner resources so you can bring higher-revenue products to market. The Red Hat Embedded Program offers both the technology and support you need to compete in this market.

Faster time to market

The Red Hat Embedded Program allows you to maintain control of your relationship with the customer while taking advantage of the innovative technology and cost benefits of Red Hat solutions. You can focus on adding strategic business value and bringing solutions to market faster while Red Hat focuses on the underlying technology.

Strategic alliances

Strong foundation

Together with our strategic alliance partners, we align our technology and organizational initiatives to solve our customer's most challenging business needs with flexible and scalable solutions.

Long-term commitment

Red Hat and global alliance partners continue to co-invest in joint technology roadmaps, integrate their hardware and software, support their products running on each others platforms, and go to market together.

Continuous innovation

Whether it's around OpenStack or big data innovations, Red Hat and our strategic alliances are on the cutting edge of technology, delivering unparalleled solutions to the marketplace.

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Insights and ideas


From sensors and gateways to controllers and enterprise applications, learn more about Red Hat technology and market opportunities in the Internet of Things.


Several Red Hatters are demystifying cloud by discussing the work they're doing in their personal blogs. Join in the conversation!

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